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nhe_news_en's Journal

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Nevzorov Haute Ecole news
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1. NHE_NEWS_EN community is created to provide the livejournal users with instant and handy access to the information on official releases, events and public results of the researches of Nevzorov Haute Ecole. Also you can find photographs and reports on some School and Publishing House occasions here.

2. NHE_NEWS_EN community is not an educational organization of any sort. It is only the news channel of the School. The membership of this community does not grant you the status of the School student or Publishing house and Research Centre contributor.

3. NHE_NEWS_EN community is pre-moderated. You can gain the access through the standard procedure (while sending the request to join the community and adding it to your friends list). The Administration reserves the right to contact the applicant to refine the personal information before the access to the community is granted. The Administration reserves the right to turn down the applicantion without reasons. The Administration reserves the right to forbid any member of this community to post here without reasons.

4. Posting in the NHE_NEWS community is pre-moderated.
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Social capital

  • less than 10