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Psychiatrist fell victim to “L.E.P.”

On the authority of INTERFAX, some "expert psychiatrist" claimed in the Internet, that he felt bad when watching the film by Alexander Nevzorov “L.E.P.”. He ought his sudden weakness to plentiful cruel episodes in the film, summing up his speech with insistent recommendation to forbid the fims as “extraordinarily determinal” and even promising to address to St-Petersburg governor Valentina Matvienko with the petition on this issue.

In search of reasons that made, as it seems, the man of science make such serious announcements without any fundamental study, collecting and analyzing statistic data, but on the base of a single accident, journalists addressed to the director of “L.E.P.”.

«Taking these petitions serious is just funny. It is known, that psychiatrists often have an access to medicines and complicated psychotropic medications. It is pretty possible, that this appeal was written under the influence of medical supplies – for this there can be no different explanation, but medicamental, - Nevzorov explained to the journalists. - As to primitive cruelty, there is practically no such in the film. But as there are the war of 1914, the XV century in Italy, duellings, this all is rather realistic, although quite innocent by today's standards”.

While the sensitive psychiatrist comes to senses, Internet-public is greedily rubbing its hands, waiting for the further actions on the battle field of the coming release.
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The interview with NHE student Elena Kuzmina is ready

He – bouncy and boisterous, preoccupied with his sense of dignity. She – a beauty with the grace of a tigress. He - chiseled and powerful on the snowy background of Moscow suburb, surrounded by rioting spring leaves of the forest which approaches his stable. She - serious, passionate, very academic, very young. They are not a true pair still, but...
The interview with brilliant NHE student Elena Kuzmina is ready. According to some information which has leaked from the Equine Anthology editorial staff the full text of the interview will be published in one of the new issues. But you can find out what Elena thinks of family life, skull boiling, horse buying and true friendship right now.
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The shooting of the new film by Alexander Nevzorov «Lectio Eqvaria Palaestra» is finished.

pasturelj, first assistant director: «Though we shot only what we really wanted to, after all a lot of scenes didn’t fit into the final movie. We were to cut the material severely trying not to draw out to a great length. And to have a pity on our public also. We are sure, they would not be able to tear themselves away from the film anyway, but they can simply harm their eyesight. It is possible, that producers will decide to include some part of the additional footage into the DVD-release.»

Official information about it you can get here
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The Theory and the Practice of the School Trimming

The most long-awaited book from the "Horse management" series - "The Theory and the Practice of the School Trimming" by Lydia Nevzorova have seen the light in Russia.

L.Nevzorova: ‘This book took us about five years to complete. I’ve been rewriting it from the very beginning dozens of times while my picture of the correct hoof trimming changed from classical shoeing through the innovations of Ovnicec towards Strasser, Jackson and Ramey and further to shape my own position and concept.

All these years I groped for knowledge, watched, agreed, thought, argued, disagreed, changed sides of the fence and started everything from the beginning. Hundreds of dissections were made, hundreds of experiments, model lessons, seminars and conferences took place. Ungulology, the science dealing with hoof management is essential to the scientific research of NHE. But as my opinion on trimming has changed, I’ve always adhered to my main principle: ‘First, do no harm’. And now I can say with certainty that today we present you the safest way to trim horse’s hooves…’

It is possible that Publishing House will decide to translate some parts of the book in English and present them to the students of the English faculty of Nevzorov Haute Ecole School.

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